Looking for a challenge? Be part of IAESTE Finland team!

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Looking for a challenge? Be part of IAESTE Finland team!

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IAESTE is looking for new board members for the team in Finland. The new board term will start from March 2017 and will be elected in the General meeting on 15.2.2017.

Interested in organizing events, international networking or growing your professional network? IAESTE will be a right place for you to gain out of the book experience and develop your personal skills. IAESTE Finland is a newly start-up team, which is backed up by a global network since 1948. In the team you have high flexibility to propose your ideas and make quick decisions. Check some of the roles in the board:

  • Chairperson – leading role
  • Vice Chairperson – leading role
  • Treasurer – numbers, numbers everywhere
  • Communications and social media coordinator – social media person
  • Web/IT coordinator – interest or background on web development and IT
  • Sponsor and fund raising coordinator
  • Job raising coordinator – salesperson
  • Marketing design coordinator
  • Public Relationships coordinator – people person
  • Events organizer and summer interns reception

Send your application to board@iaeste.fi with the role that you are interested and we will invite you to join our meeting.

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