For students

Applying to IAESTE Exchange Program

When to apply?

  • Internships are available all year round,  usually internships last from 6 weeks up to 11 months.
  • Our peak application period is from February to March every year. Internship periods for these offers are mainly in the summer and lasts around three months.
  • Re-round is in March-April, you can apply for offers that were not filled on the first round.

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply for the IAESTE Finland exchange program if you:

  • are at least 18 years old
  • are a full time student at a university or an institute of higher education in Finland
  • are recently graduated
  • are able to communicate well in English
  • foreign students are eligible to participate in IAESTE exchange as long as they are degree students in Finland

Where do you find the internship?

  • From Internship board
  • Open application
    • If you could not find the offers in the database, you can send your wish of internship e.g. study field and location, CV and application letter by email to

How to apply?

Before applying: 

  • familiarize yourself with the available internship positions before the application
  • read carefully the information given on each offer to see if you are eligible
  • apply only for those positions that you are both qualified for and able to participate in
  • some countries have limits on students with certain nationalities because of (for example) visa issues
  • exact requirements about state and field of studies, language proficiency and nationality are intern-specific. They can be found when applying is live.

The application is sent to attached with English versions of a:

  1. CV
  2. Study / Transcript of records stamped by your university
  3. Motivation letter to the employer of every position you are applying for
  • Write the reference number and your name as the subject of the e-mail (i.e. FI-2017-256 John Smith)

Application and nomination process

In the IAESTE program only one candidate is nominated to each position. The nomination will be forwarded to the employer who will make the final decision. IAESTE Finland will inform personally to each applicant about the results concerning all positions applied.

Once you are nominated, the nomination process include paying the participation fee. In case there is more information about the offer or extra forms to fill in you will receive them within a couple of days. In some cases a recommendation letter, a language certificate or a copy of the passport may be asked for.

Participation fee

All IAESTE-nominees have to pay a participation fee of 50 euro.

Your documents won’t leave your home country, unless receipt is included. It can be a copy from online bank service, but the date of payment can’t be in the future.

The deposit will be paid back in the following cases:

  • in case the employer rejects the applicant or cancels the offer for other reasons
  • in case the applicant cancels when the training is to start in less than four weeks and there is still no confirmation of acceptance
  • in other cases e.g. if the applicant will get seriously ill