For employers

By providing a place for an IAESTE-intern from a foreign country, you simultaneously give a possibility for a Finnish student to have an internship abroad.


IAESTE provides a channel to recruit a foreign talent in the company. For example, a young foreign talent can help the company’s expansion abroad. By offering an internship within your organisation, you can get access to the current top young students in science, engineering and technology field from over 80 countries.


IAESTE trainee recruitment helps in finding new post-graduate students. By offering an internship at your university, it is possible to get a highly motivated, ambitious student who wants to further their research techniques and studies in Finland.

IAESTE’s role

IAESTE Internship Exchange Program helps employers to recruit recognized international students from IAESTE member countries’ network. IAESTE will assist the employers and students by taking care of the recruiting process, practicalities and offering free time program. IAESTE can also provide assistance with documentations, housing and social program.

Recruiting Process

Foreign IAESTE office will find the best suitable candidate for your internship and will send their applications to IAESTE Finland. The students are nominated based on academic achievement, prior experience and motivation. You will receive the CV and application of the student and it is possible to interview the candidate. If you do not consider the candidate suitable, another candidate will be found. IAESTE Finland will inform the trainee, when You have selected a trainee that fits Your Company.

Employer define:

  • the length and the period of the internship
  • the field and study of the intern (i.e. how many years the intern has studied)
  • language requirements
  • which country(s) the intern come from

Employer’s responsibilities

  • Set tasks and supervises the intern at work
  • Put intern to work in a job that matches interns field of study
  • Pay interns salary according to collective agreement in Finland, which includes tax, social and pension contributions and the statutory accident insurance. Salary should be enough to cover living expenses for example: rent, food, cost of travelling to and from work.
  • Contribute with a registration fee
  • Provide a short report for the intern in English after the internship

If you’d like to have more information, please contact IAESTE Finland office at