Internship program

IAESTE Internship Exchange Program

incoming outgoing

IAESTE-training is reciprocal: the Finnish employers offer placements for incoming trainees and we exchange them to placements in other countries that are open for students in Finland.

Students can apply to IAESTE internship through IAESTE Finland. IAESTE is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organization that operates in more than 80 countries.

IAESTE offers an opportunity to do a internship in the student’s field abroad. Usually there are about 50 offers in about 30 countries available. Most of the offers are suitable for engineering students at universities, but depending of the year, also students of Science or Economics and Business Administration can find suitable offers. The period of internships varies from 6 to 52 weeks.

Accommodation and summer reception is organized for the trainees in the country of destination. IAESTE-employers are paying the students a salary that covers living costs in the country of destination. Costs for travel, insurance and possible permits have to be covered by the students.

How does IAESTE internship difference from the others?

  • Mainly for technical working experiences
  • Paid job experience
  • Support in accommodation and documentation arrangement
  • Assistance and social life by IAESTE local community
  • International IAESTE network